Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

The ultimate, high-flying Stomp Rocket experience! Designed with sturdy wings and fins, these rockets actually SOAR through the air like birds on the wind! Launch the orange rocket to see it glide over 100 feet. Launch the green rocket to see it do a giant loop through the sky. Or, launch the blue rocket for a real air-show experience as it flips, turns, and loops wildly. Durable, easy to set up, and thrillingly open ended, the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes set is sure to get your kids outside, learning, and exploring for hours on end.

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Sturdy stomp rocket system with missiles that have wings for gliding, looping, and spinning. Encourages gross motor skills, active play, outdoor play, cause-effect learning, experimentation. A powerfully intuitive adventure in aerodynamics and rocketry. Sturdy launcher can be adjusted to launch planes in any direction you want. 100% kid-powered - Simply stomp on the pump to send the planes soaring - No batteries required! Orange plane glides over 100 feet, green plane does giant loops, blue plane flips and turns. Includes air pump, tube, adjustable launcher, 3 planes to launch. Detailed instructions included. Rockets each measure 8.5 inches long. Launcher measures 15 x 14 x 15.5 inches with nozzle pointed straight up. Strong materials, sturdy design and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional rocket-launching experience.

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Age 5 - 7 years, 8 - 11 years, 12 or older
Manufacturer D&L Company