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From novelty and classic to unusual and usual – this is what you will find at our shop. There is something for everyone. Started in 1983 the Unique Toy Shop is nestled among a wide diversity of stores on beautiful downtown Main Street, of the City of Canandaigua. The Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York (wine country) allows us to receive wonderful feedback from people around the U.S. and from all different walks of life.

What makes Unique Toy Shop special is… we love so many different types of toys. After all, we are kids at heart too. Classics like Uncle Wiggley’s board game, books, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, to jigsaw puzzles and Radio Flyer products, are all timeless items, remembered and loved by people and kids of all ages. These are the toys which are handed down from generation to generation. But there are also the newer and special toys like Adora Dolls, Stomp Rockets, and Playmobil which are big sellers and loved by today’s kids. Also, are the many lines of toys which aid in physical and educational development of children.

The focus of our store is “Children”. When they arrive and find that special toy, the expressions on their faces are priceless… and there is nothing more touching than that.

Come visit us at 120 South Main Street, and you will discover for yourself, we are there for you and your child. Stay with us and share the virtues of Facebook.

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